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October 2004, Monday
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Carroll Brown
Click Here To Visit My Website! Much of my work is performed solo in Irish music pubs and events throughout the American southeast. Many of these events are filled with college kids and some cater to older folks. Musically, myself....and our band "ACE Basin", are based in Charleston, South Carolina. Many shows include what we call "Country and Eastern" which is coastal folk and country music. It is actually just a mixture of regional and popular favorites. I don't play with any electronic side equipment and I don't crack up any guitars in my show, but many listeners go out of their way to come back again. Many bring their parents or their friends when they return and that is a part of what motivates me to continue to do what makes my living.

Supporting my family is the main reason I work as hard as I do. My wife (since 1976) and son & daughter are a great source of strength for me. I grew up in a large loving musical family and I guess I tend to need that family unit support. We live on my ancestral family farm in rural central South Carolina. I'm not home enough to help much on the farm but I would never live anywhere else. My great grandfather homesteaded this land and my own home stands across the field from the house he built and the house I grew up in.

Other information about my performances, our annual Christmas tour, and travels (including Ireland) and our recordings, etc can be found elsewhere here now and even more as we add new features to this website, so come by often. But for now I'll just say ...I'm glad you found me here and I hope to see you sometime soon.

God bless, and be good to yourself and those who depend on you..... Carroll

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