Hall of Heroes 


Kathy Roth-Douquet of Military.com has been quoted saying:

You know you're in a friendly territory just by looking at the front of the building, which feature alternating flags--the Stars and Stripes, the Irish Flag, and the black POW/MIA flag along the entire face.  Walk inside and upstair and you'll find rooms that are a tribute to the Military.


Many service men and women have come through the doors of Kevin Barry's Pub over the last 33 years.  Three Star Generals to E1's.  We have hosted WWII veterans as well as veterans from Operation Enduring Freedom.  Our service men and women, past and present, have been welcomed with open arms into Kevin Barry's Pub and we are proud to have been their home away from home.  Our Military and their families have joined us on many, many nights over the last several decades and sang songs, drank pints, had dinner, and paid tribute to their fallen comrades whose pictures line the walls of our upstairs Hall of Heroes. Kevin Barry's Pub encourages all guests who visit to come upstairs and see for yourself the amazing display to our heroes. 


                                                            ---- Marcus (large)

Over St. Patrick's Day Weekend 2014; Kevin Barry's Irish Pub staff were honored to have welcomed retired Navy SEAL; Marcus Luttrell.  You may know SO1 Marcus Luttrell as the Lone Survivor from Operation Red Wing.  The Staff at Kevin Barry's Irish Pub thanks you for your service!  God bless you!

Others who have visited our upstairs Hall of Heroes have been quoted saying:


A legendary Irish pub and restaurant that has some of the best food in town.  Make sure to go upstairs and see the Military Tribute that this establishment has to pay Honor to our fallen Armed Forces members. You may not be able to keep a dry eye when you see a service member buy their fallen comrades a bit of spirits.  They love and respect the military that is a large basis for the city of Savannah.  Hoorah!!!  

-Christopher B


One of the best and most respectful displays of military history I have ever seen

-LTJG D.M. Baker, USN


Thank you for the support!  The hospitality and respect shown for those who have served was truly humbling

-SSGT Shane Orr, USAF


It's an honor to see our Armed Forces honored in the manner done here

-MGYSGT Larry P. Meagher, USMC (ret)


This is one of the top 10 classic military bars in the world and one if the 7 in the United States

-Kathy Roth-Douqyet, Military.com  





 Liberty Hall

2016 marks the Centennial of the Dublin Easter Rising of 1916.  To honor this epic story, Kevin Barry's has created a pictorial telling of the empire shaking events of these times.  This display of rare photographs and history was researched and curated by Dublin folk singer Danny Doyle and his wife Taffy Millar.  

We invite you to visit Liberty Hall (2nd floor) and wander through this remarkable tale of heroism and sacrifice.


The first years of the 20th century in Ireland were extraordinary times.  A brilliant literary movement had arisen in tandem with determined Nationalist ideal.  It was a profound movement that united the intelligentsia and the working class.  Out of it came a galaxy of the most remarkable men and women, who, in a few short years, would transform Irish history.  These determined and implacable patriots were making revolutionary plans, events that would culminate with the evacuation of the British army from the 26 counties in 1922.

Three years before the 1916 Rising a curtain raising event played a catalytic role in the momentous drama; the Strike and Lock-Out 1913.  What began as a strike ended as a revolution, that burst into flames on Easter Monday 1916.  The Irish Tri-colour was raised over Dublin's city centre and the liberation of the world's oldest political prisoner began...

Next time you visit Kevin Barry's Irish Pub in Savannah, GA take a moment to stroll through Liberty Hall, named for Liberty Hall in Dublin Ireland and enjoy this beautifully displayed tribute to all those who served and sacrificed so that others today can enjoy their freedoms

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