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Did you know that Kevin Barry's has entertainers 7 nights a week?

It's TRUE! Check out our entertainment link for more information and schedules!


How do you pick the pictures that describe Kevin Barry's and over three decades of memories?  I think the only way to do this is to walk you through our beloved pub so you can experience what it would be like to spend an evening with us.  Let's start with our sign on Bay street.  Walk down the stairs and take a left and you will reach Kevin Barry's.




Ahhhh.... Our front door.  We may have a logo, but this door defines us.  These stickers have traveled from all over the world to make thier home here on River Street. 







Well, I think that now it's time to open the door and go inside.  What are you waiting for?  I'm ready for a pint!



Here is our Bar!  You know, the one that's made out of Heart Pine that's impervious to termites?  The trees that made this bar were over 200 years old before they even came in our door!

Yet another thing we're proud fo here is that we're a safehaven for the ladies who come in.  We're a favorite spot for many girls nights out and bachelorette parties. It looks like these girls are having a lot of fun!

We can't leave out the guys.  Kevin Barry's is a great spot for all the single guys because, well, all the single girls love us!  Seriously though, from couples, to singles, to people just exploring Savannah, we're always a fit. 


Looking for music instead of conversation?  We have that too!  Did you know that before we opened, there was no Irish music south of D.C.?  Thank heaven for Kevin Barry's! 



Well, it appears it's getting pretty crowded downstairs.  I think it's time to go to the 2nd floor and see what it has to offer.




Oh, I almost forgot!  Between our Pirate Pub Crawl and the pirate ship down the street, you may run into some scallywags occasionally.  No worries though, they're harmless!

Now that we've made it upstairs, you don't have to worry about facing a pirate to get a drink.  We have a full bar upstairs for your convenience.



The upstairs is our Hall of Heroes, the tribute to our service members, both past and present.  Every time I'm in this room I'm always humbled by those who give so much for what they believe in.  It's something you absolutely have to see when you come to Kevin Barry's.


This isn't just a room for reflective silence.  Besides being open to the public we have countless private events in our upstairs rooms.

We love to celebrate new beginnings! You wouldn't believe how many people meet in Kevin Barry's.  Our pub encourages conversation and great memories for years to come.Wedding Photography by

Yet another unique thing about Kevin Barry's is that we have an enclosed balcony the overlooks the Savannah River and the WWII Monument.  It's hard to believe, but the monument was built AFTER we were here.  Coincidence?....

Whether or not you have a unique appreciation for our military or Ireland's plight, you can still have a great time with friends upstairs. 


So don't just think about coming in, but get out of the rain and bring your friends!  We love company and converstation here and have plenty of both!